This is my submission for the Chico Mann “I Feel It” remix contest being hosted by Novation and Focusrite. I really have no idea if this remix is good enough to be considered for the final voting as these contests always draw amazing submissions, but I’m proud of this one. It’s not my usual remix style, but it flowed amazingly well from me as I put it together. I built the remix around the provided vocal hits and some of the guitar rhythms. I decided to something a little different than my recent work so I drifted into the world of Drum & Bass for this with a healthy dose of dubstep for the final quarter of the piece. At 160bpm it’s a bit slow for traditional DnB, but it still moves along with punchy energy.

I used a little of everything in this production. Primary to the mix is the Ultrabeat drum sequencer and an occassional favorite Motown hat loop. For the bass(es), the GForce impOSCar and Oddity, along with the Logic ES2 all make appearances. The noise sweep was handled by the Logic ESP. String and piano duty was done with the Logic EXS24. The organ is the Logic EVB3. Finally, the arpeggiated pad is via C-64/SNES emulation courtesy Plogue Chipsounds.

Many thanks to Chico Mann, Novation, and Focusrite for the opportunity to remix a wonderfully fun tune and good luck to all the other who are entering.

When you have the time I highly recommend that you check out Chico Mann as he produces some truly original and exciting afrobeat and worldbeat music.

Also, if you’ve never used any of the products from Novation or Focusrite, you are missing out on some fantastic gear. I myself cannot live without my ZeRO SL MKII or VRM Box.