After three years of hard work, I decided to give my house band of jolly robots, The Singing Sines, a year off. With the Sines enjoying the beaches of Tahiti, it’s a magical place, I’ve gone ahead and done a little work on my own. I dusted off three EPs worth of Holiday music, recorded two new tracks, re-jumbled them into a delightful Holiday casserole, and baked it all for 60 minutes at 350 degrees.

The resulting album will tickle your tastebuds with savory Holiday flavors and sweet New Year’s delicacies. Of course, I’ve long felt that Holiday music shouldn’t be relegated to only one month a year, so I’ve created all of these tracks with the hopes that you will find them in a playlist year round.

As always, thank you for your interest in my music. I genuinely appreciate all of you who invest a little time to download or listen to my songs.

Here are some specifics on Solarno::Holiday
This album collects the first three Holiday EPs released by Solarno and adds two new tracks for a total of 14 songs.  As the 12 tracks from the EPs were all done over the span of many years, I have remastered all of them to have a more cohesive sound.  EPs included are:
Hark! The Herald Robots Sing! from 2011
God Rest Ye Merry Robotmen from 2012
We Three Robot Kings from 2013

All about the two new tracks:

Ave Maria

While sounding nothing like it, I was inspired to record this song after recently hearing Bing Crosby’s version of Franz Schubert’s Ave Maria. There is something sublimely beautiful when Bing gets to the chorus that gets me everytime. Of note is that this isn’t truly a Holiday song as it was originally written for the Lady of the Lake cycle in 1825. The Roman Catholic prayer was eventually adapted from the original song as it was about the main character of the cycle, Ellen, praying to the Virgin Mary for help in battle.

Instrumentation includes the G-Force impOSCar2 for leads and basses, the G-Force Oddity for bleeps and blips, the Logic EFM1 for pads, and NI Absynth 5 for pads and EFX.

Auld Lang Sine(wave)

I thought I would finish things out with a nod to the New Year by including a nice analog/lo-fi version of Auld Lang Syne. Although celebratory in nature, I always associate this piece with a certain sense of melancholia. I’m sure that’s why my version leans towards gritty and sombre. Yet I still manage to weave in a few occasional glimpses of musical hope for the impending future.

Instrumentation includes pretty much everything, plus the kitchen sink. We have the impOSCar2 and MiniMonsta from G-Force. Massive and Battery 4 from NI. The ES P, ES M, Retrosynth, and Sculpture from Logic. And finally, the beuatiful Requiem choir from 8Dio.