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  • I Start MixiM Music as a faux music label for my oh-so-cool mix-tapes of 12” dance remixes.  The MixiM series eventually spanned 11 collections over the next 11 years.



  • I put together my first EP of original music titled Reconstruct the Future.  This EP contains music created during far too many late night, or all night, music making sessions with Steve as we experimented with various bits of music making software.



  • My first Mac. A Quadra 660av.  This was technically my Mom’s, but I quickly took it over for modTracking using pretty much every version of Quadmation’s PlayerPro. (I still have a working copy of the final 5.9 version on my laptop though I don’t use it much other than for nostalgia.)



  • My second Mac.  A first generation blue and white G3.



  • After not playing trombone for 8 years a friend asks me if I’d be interested in playing with her brass choir for an Easter cantata at a local church.  I agreed, and even though I am not a member, I have been welcomed by, and enjoyed playing with, the United Methodist Church of Thousand Oaks ever since.



  • For friends and family I create Convergenge: 10 years of Solarno, a two disc collection of music created over the past ten years.  Sadly, due to errors that were most likely born of my naiveté in burning CDs, many, if not most of those CDs no longer work.



  • Jeff and I work together one more time to create the single Going to Taquamenon Falls, a tribute song in honor of our grandfather who had passed away during the last year.  This was a fabulous learning collaboration, and the first time I had written music for a specific purpose.



  • My third Mac: A G5 iMac. I fell in love with GarageBand, which re-ignited my joy of creating music through the use of a keyboard and multiple tracks.  This led too…



  • My first copy of Logic.  I started easy with Logic 7 Express.  Then I started adding soft synths, and basically automatically upgrading to the latest full releases of Logic as Studio 8 and 9 have been released.
  • I decided to expand my live brass playing by joining the Agoura/Las Virgenes Community Band, where I have play baritone for concert and trombone for jazz ever since.



  • I participate for the first time in the RPM music writing challenge.  This is a personal challenge to write/create/finish 10 songs or 35 minutes worth of music in the month of February.  This results in my first official start to finish album Random Processed Memories.
  • My fourth Mac: A MacBook Pro.  This was a true workhorse that went way above what one could expect from a laptop workstation.  It really was a sad day when, after 5+ years of dedicated service, I turned it off for the last time in early 2013 and pulled out it’s hard drive to be used in an external enclosure.



  • I self produce and publish my first commercial album Remotely Programmed Moonshot.  This album originated as my submission for the 2008 RPM challenge.
  • I do my first professional sound engineering job for Giant Bicycles USA.  This is a 17 second promo spot combining a portion of my single Hope on a Rope and a prerecorded voiceover.



  • I dub my home studio Robot Junkyard and start work on my second album.
  • I produce two original music pieces to be used in promotional videos for Giant Bicycles USA.  Moonshot from Remotely Programmed Moonshot is featured in a third promotional video for Giant Bicycles USA.



  • Release of my second commercial album Robot Junkyard.
  • The trusty Commodore 64 is brought out of mothballs to archive my SID chip work.  This leads to the first volume of my SIDtastic! collection being released online though
  • I join the Conejo Slides, a trombone choir, for the annual Simi Community Christmas festival.



  • Volumes 2 and 3 of SIDtastic! are released.
  • My first official product review and demo is posted to Youtube.  This is a series of three videos about Steve Cooley’s Beatseqr MIDI controller.
  • Volumes 4 and 5 of SIDtastic! are released.
  • Release of my third commercial album Robot Junkyard – Derivative on July 12th. This album is a re-imagining of many of the tracks from 2010′s Robot Junkyard. Also contains two remixes by Ventura Country based producer Echo Chaser.
  • Kyanos EP, the first in a series of EPs that will explore color is released.
  • Release of my first Holiday EP, Hark! The Herald Robots Sing!
  • My first three remixes are released. SKatterBrain’s King Jellyfish (Solarno’s Disco Death Mix), Moby’s Go (Solarno’s Lounge Attack Remix), and Johan Ess’s Occult Celebrity (Solarno’s Death Rattle Remix).



  • Rauthaz EP, the second in a series of EPs that explore the nature, science, and history of color is released.
  • I produce four remixes for Color Theory that are included in his remix album, The Lost Remixes, Pt 1.  All four are more akin to re-imaginings versus traditional remixes.
  • After a move to Thousand Oaks, Ca, Robot Junkyard 3.0 is born.  Robot Junkyard 3.0 is arguably my first proper studio space.
  • Encouraged by a request from Dandelion Radio’s Mark Whitby, I record and release of my second Holiday EP, God Rest Ye Merry Robotmen.  Three of the songs become a featured set during Mark’s December show.



  • My fifth Mac: a decked out 27″ iMac.  This is by far the best computer I’ve ever piloted.
  • Magenta EP, the third in a series of EPs that explore the nature, science, and history of color is released.
  • I added a new bit of hardware to my arsenal in the form of a Native Instruments Maschine mkII.
  • Viridis EP, the fourth in a series of EPs that explore the nature, science, and history of color is released.
  • My third Holiday EP, We Three Robot Kings, is released.  This release is notable for having the first official recording of me singing.

2012: God Rest Ye Merry Robotmen – a Holiday EP

1. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
2. Here We Come A Wassailing
3. Deck the Halls
4. O Come, All Ye Faithful

My house band of merry robots are back with four more rousing holiday tunes.  No singing by them this time around but plenty of old school synth-imbued eggnog mirth and electro-infused sugarplum beats to fill you with yuletide joy.

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The Reviews Are In, And…

Sometimes it is amazing what can happen when you ask.  Why just a few short years ago I asked my utterly fantastic wife if she would marry me, and she said yes!  More recently, with the release of my EP Rauthaz, I reached out to a UK writer/blogger who had shortly before reviewed the new album Crash St by my friend Paul Foster aka Dementio13.  Not a month later I get a couple of e-mails stating that I was tagged in corresponding Twitter and Facebook posts.  What those posts linked to was a series of new mini-reviews from Oliver Arditi which included Rauthaz.  I was ecstatic, and nervous.  One aspect of being a musician, or any type of artist for that matter, is that the creator never really knows how the observer is going to interpret their work.  Will they ‘get it’? Will they like it? Will it garner any type of emotional response at all?  I was about to find out.  Read below for the snippets and links.

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