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2011: SKatterBrain: King Jellyfish (Solarno’s Disco Death Mix)

SKatterBrain - King Jellyfish (Solarno's Disco Death Mix)

A little less evil. A little more disco. That pretty much sums up this remix of SKatterBrain’s dubstep wonder, King Jellyfish. I’ve downplayed the prominent dubstep wobbles in favor of a hard disco feel with a driving bassline. The heavy wobbles of the original now become a bit sparser, intending to add variation and interest. The main vocal hook (“The jellyfish are so heavy”) is used a number of times to glue the track together.

To chop up the provided wobble track, I segmented it into one measure chunks and then dropped those individual .wav’s into Logic’s EXS sampler as a new instrument. This allowed me to ‘play’ the short wobble sections as I would any sampler instrument. The new bassline was created using impOSCar, with a secondary bassline from Massive. A new pad track was added using impOSCar to supplement the original synth stab track. Noise sweeps were done with Logic’s ES P synth. And finally, all drums/percussion are from an instance of Ultrabeat.

Hope you enjoyed the track. Thanks for listening. If you like the track you can download the MP3 by hitting the download button in the player.


The original can be found here:
And make sure you check out Dan’s main site:

2011: Hark! The Herald Robots Sing! – a Holiday EP

Hark! The Herald Robots Sing! - a Holiday EP

1. Hark! The Herald Robots Sing!
2. Ukranian Bell Song
3. Good King Wenceslas
4. Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabelle

What self respecting robot doesn’t love a rousing round of Holiday carols? Here are four carols presented by my house robot band, The Singing Sines, including two where they decide to sing.

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2011: Kyanos EP

1. Methane 1
2. Methane 2
3. Stone of Lazhward
4. Starling 520

Kyanos is the first in a series of EPs that will explore the nature, science, and history of color.

Kyanos is the ancient Greek word that eventually became known to describe the color we know today as cyan. Contained here are four songs inspired by the search for information surrounding the color cyan.

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My Name in Print! In Future Music 243!

navin johnsonNavin R Johnson once opined, “I’m somebody now! Millions of people look at this book everyday! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity – your name in print – that makes people. I’m in print! Things are going to start happening to me now.” Yes, that’s how I felt today after I wandered into my local Barnes & Noble to see if the new issue of Future Music Magazine was in yet.  Future Music is a British publication that focuses on production techniques and technology  for those who play in the electronic music medium.  While I don’t buy it every month (6-9 times a year), I find it to be a highly valuable read and I learn something from every issue.  One neat monthly feature is the Demo section where they list their 10 favorite reader submitted demos along with a brief critique.  Every month I would see this section and think that I should submit something.  So back in July, after I finished the ‘Robot Junkyard – Deriviative‘ album, I finally decided to submit a track to be considered for their Reader Demos section.  It’s a pretty simple process.  You find the Soundcloud dropbox on their website, choose one of your original tracks, write a brief description with some minimal contact info, and hit submit.

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2011: Robot Junkyard – Derivative

Robot Junkyard - Derivative

1. Last March of the Robot Junkyard
2. Fuzzy Logic (Wobbly Logic Mix)
3. Cyclic Connection (Glytch-pop Mix)
4. Binary Alphabet (Fourth Door Mix)
5. Digital Information (Echo Chaser Remix)
6. Digital Singularity (Orbifold Vocal Mix)
7. Cross Platform Discoteque (Organs of Corti Mix)
8. The Replicators (Cheese in the Cactus Mix)
9. Rise (2006 Blue Sky Mix)
10. La versione per pianoforte di connessione ciclica
11. The Replicators (Echo Chaser Breakdown Edit)
12. Digital Singularity (Orbifold Dub Mix)
13. Digital Information (Original 1992 Version)

A 6-page digital booklet containing full liner notes and album artwork is available here:
Digital Booklet

Robot Junkyard – Derivative takes the simple beauty that is Solarno’s 2010 release Robot Junyard and throws off the shackles of its self-imposed limitations.  Where the 2010 album was an experiment with expanding the boundaries of a single instrument, Derivative is an experiment in expanding the boundaries of each individual song.  Each song is both remix and re-interpretation, taking the listener to new destinations not imagined when listening to the original Robot Junkyard.

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