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For When I’m Not Writing Music

DiRT3Hey, one can’t possibly write music all the time, especially when I still spend the better part of my days helping to save the world from inferior cycling products. So when I’m just not feeling the inspiration to sit down at the synth controller sometimes I’ll just pop a shiny silver disc into my xbox 360 and let my mind wander into another world. BTW, my gamertag on xbox live is solarno72. Feel free to hit me up.

My latest wanderings have taken me into the mud covered world of rally racing courtesy DiRT3 from Codemasters. I’m a fan of many racing games, but rally sims are by far my favorite of the genre. I love getting vicariously dirty, rolling a car multiple times at 100+mph, and walking away from it.

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Review of ‘Vulcan Foundry’ by Dementio13

Vulcan Foundry EP by Dementio13Clicky drones? Check.
Punchy drums? Check.
Staccato arpeggiations? Check.
The ability to make you dance without a traditional dance song structure? Check.

If we step into the wayback machine and punch up the mid-90’s, cross-referenced with only those four short descriptors, you’d quickly narrow down your search. At the top would be Orbital. (Full disclosure, Orbital is one of my favorite bands of all time, and a big influence on my own productions.) But we’re not in the mid 90’s anymore, so let’s get back to the future-present and punch in those same descriptors. Well, we still have Orbital, but they are not alone anymore. I recently stumbled across a gem of an EP thanks to Twitter. One that joyfully mixes the new with the old, paying tribute to and improving upon a proven recipe.

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I Love Shapelock!

Shapelock iPhone 4 tripod mount

Sometimes you come across something so cool that you have to post about it, whether it’s directly related to music or not! This is just one of those times.

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2011: SIDtastic! Volume 5: Remainders

SIDtastic! Volume 5

SIDtastic! Volume 5Here it is, SIDtastic! Volume 5!   Where the first three were covers of complete albums, and number four was composed of songs from only three artists, volume five is a veritable potpourri of artists.  From Europe, to Huey Lewis, to Gloria Estefan, to The Tokens, Volume 5 has a little of everything.  As before, all songs contained here were created using the SID chip found in my trusty Commodore 64 between 1988 and 1992.  The SID chip allowed for 3 monophonic voices, so each cover was an interesting study in choosing the right note at the right time.  Quite a difference from modern digital music where I can basically have unlimited notes and voices at any one time.

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2011: SIDtastic! Volume 4: Jackson Michael & Oates

SIDtastic! Volume 4 - Jackson Michael & Oates

Volume 4 of my SIDtastic! collection is here!  This volume contains SID-a-fied nuggets from Michael Jackson, George Michael, and Hall & Oates, hence the title Jackson Michael & Oates.  Ha. Ha. Ha.  Most of these were completed during the summer of 1988, before my senior year of high school.  Two were done around Thanksgiving of that year, and two were completed in January of ’89.

If I had to pick favorites from this batch, they would be as follows:  Man in the Mirror, because I love the pristine bell reverb I was able to create for the opening.  Faith, as this cover is the polar opposite of the version Limp Bizkit would record 11 years later.  And finally, Adult Education.  No particular reason, I just happen to like it.

As with all of my SIDtastic! collections, please feel free to download any of the tracks you like.

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