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Test post 2016

This is a test post in 2016 to see if my connection from Blogo still exists.

Can I edit?

Let’s add an image!!


2014: Solarno::Holiday

After three years of hard work, I decided to give my house band of jolly robots, The Singing Sines, a year off. With the Sines enjoying the beaches of Tahiti, it’s a magical place, I’ve gone ahead and done a little work on my own. I dusted off three EPs worth of Holiday music, recorded two new tracks, re-jumbled them into a delightful Holiday casserole, and baked it all for 60 minutes at 350 degrees.

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Test post from Bloggo

Test post via Bloggo

Here is even more useless text.
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And some more, this time with a video:

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I Know All the Positions!

Wait, what? Is this actually a NSFW post? Hold on. Let me explain…

While the bulk of my day to day music life revolves around the bits and bytes of synthetic sound, my musical background is actually much more traditional. I began by singing (poorly) in school and church choirs as a young kid. I also have a number of relatives who play various instruments, ranging from the traditional like the guitar or clarinet, to the more obscure like the organ or the accordion. The relative with the most impact to my future musical endeavors was my cousin Jeff who is two years older than me. While I was in 2nd or 3rd grade I found out he started playing the saxophone. This was the very early 80’s and saxophones were really cool then, so of course I raised my hand as wanting to be a sax player too!

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Kraftwerk who?


Kraftwerk is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential electronic acts of all time.  In many ways they have managed to transcend the label of being electronic artists and are now considered icons of the music industry along with acts such at The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.  You don’t have to toss a rock very far to hit a current band or artists who will list Kraftwerk as an influence*.  So why did it take me nearly 20 years to discover them?

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