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A call to crunchy krautrock arms! Dementio13’s ‘Last Test’.

Modern Krautrock from Dementio13 Last TestThe first time I was introduced to Dementio13, the musical environs populated by the neurons inside of Paul Foster’s brain, was through his 2011 EP ‘Vulcan Foundry’.  I fell in love with that EP because of masterful manner in which he melded the future, past, and present.  The past two years have seen three significant releases  from Paul, each one evolving his overall sound.  Now in early 2013 he is unleashing his latest masterpiece, ‘Last Test’, which takes everything he’s learned over the past two years, throws it all into a blender, hits puree, and pours out a super smooth mixed beverage of sonic krautrock brilliance.

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For When I’m Not Writing Music

DiRT3Hey, one can’t possibly write music all the time, especially when I still spend the better part of my days helping to save the world from inferior cycling products. So when I’m just not feeling the inspiration to sit down at the synth controller sometimes I’ll just pop a shiny silver disc into my xbox 360 and let my mind wander into another world. BTW, my gamertag on xbox live is solarno72. Feel free to hit me up.

My latest wanderings have taken me into the mud covered world of rally racing courtesy DiRT3 from Codemasters. I’m a fan of many racing games, but rally sims are by far my favorite of the genre. I love getting vicariously dirty, rolling a car multiple times at 100+mph, and walking away from it.

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Review of ‘Vulcan Foundry’ by Dementio13

Vulcan Foundry EP by Dementio13Clicky drones? Check.
Punchy drums? Check.
Staccato arpeggiations? Check.
The ability to make you dance without a traditional dance song structure? Check.

If we step into the wayback machine and punch up the mid-90’s, cross-referenced with only those four short descriptors, you’d quickly narrow down your search. At the top would be Orbital. (Full disclosure, Orbital is one of my favorite bands of all time, and a big influence on my own productions.) But we’re not in the mid 90’s anymore, so let’s get back to the future-present and punch in those same descriptors. Well, we still have Orbital, but they are not alone anymore. I recently stumbled across a gem of an EP thanks to Twitter. One that joyfully mixes the new with the old, paying tribute to and improving upon a proven recipe.

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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs!

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

This is possibly the greatest name ever for a band, and an electronic one at that.  I stumbled across TEED while browsing through new and recent releases in iTunes.  iTunes currently has three EPs and one single for TEED dating back to 2009, so it appears that they (actually he) are a fairly new act.

Here’s a brief description of TEED from his page:
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs swings between overt musicality and scarily on-point dancefloor sensibility, ripping up clubs around the globe with his live show of bizarre instruments, glitter cannons and of course… dancing dinosaurs.

For the quick listens I gave to the music and a quick search of videos on YouTube, my take is that TEED blends a “housier”version of Hot Chip with the avant garde of My Robot Friend, both bands worthy of your time.  For me, the music of TEED quickly moves into the background, but not to be forgotten.  It moves to the back and just pulses along, giving constant reminders of genuine creativity, unobtrusive but  still defining it’s space in your consciousness.

For those of you who prefer your audio with video, I recommend giving ‘Garden’ a view on YouTube for it’s neo-arthouse stylings.


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TEED on Twitter