Modern Krautrock from Dementio13 Last TestThe first time I was introduced to Dementio13, the musical environs populated by the neurons inside of Paul Foster’s brain, was through his 2011 EP ‘Vulcan Foundry’.  I fell in love with that EP because of masterful manner in which he melded the future, past, and present.  The past two years have seen three significant releases  from Paul, each one evolving his overall sound.  Now in early 2013 he is unleashing his latest masterpiece, ‘Last Test’, which takes everything he’s learned over the past two years, throws it all into a blender, hits puree, and pours out a super smooth mixed beverage of sonic krautrock brilliance.

This is not to say Paul has found a singular, all-encompassing sound.  Quite the contrary.  It pulls from a number of disparate influences, shifting from track to track.  Here’s a quick run down of some of the genre shifting you will hear in, or between, each track:

A Beat Called Don:  Post-punk, Post-rock
Pern Colliery:  Melodic ambient, Electronica
Really Far Away:  Industrial, Big-beat, Soul
Pen Y Fan:  Piano ambient, New Age
Cycle Energy:  Acid House
Zenit:  8-bit, DnB, Acid, Electronic
TIMMLCAYLTI:  Experimental surf guitar
Last Test:  Drone, Industrial
FruitFly:  Drone, Post-rock
Version 3:  Shoegaze, Electronica

‘Last Test’ is, in a word, eclectic.  Do not confuse this with random though.  ‘Last Test’ jumps from extreme to extreme, but it is a well designed journey that follows the listener to carefully selected waypoints.   Like the neurons inside Paul’s brain, each song fires off in a specific order for a specific reason and by the time you have reached journey’s end you will understand the purpose behind  all this jumping around.  Here’s the catch though, that purpose will not be the same for each listener.  The way I see it, ‘Last Test’ does not take the listener with it but instead accompanies the listener on a journey of their own making.  And you thought I would give you the answer!  Ha!  No, for that you’ll need to give the album a listen and find out where your journey leads.

You can hear ‘Last Test’ by Dementio13 on his soundcloud page for now.
It will be available for download starting February 1st via