Remotely Programmed Moonshot is currently being duplicated! I’m really rather excited and a bit apprehensive about this. Why both?

Well, I’m excited because I have an album in the duplication stage. Not just an album, but my first official release. That means I’ll have physical CD’s to sell to the masses. And thanks to the good folks at, I’ll not only have a store front for physical CD’s, but also a conduit to have my music available via download through sites like iTunes , Napster, and even Amazon. Having a sellable album is something I’ve looked at doing for quite some time, and finally that time has arrived.

As I mentioned, I’m also apprehensive, for two reasons. One, having a sellable product means having to actually sell it, which means marketing. In a world where we spend every waking moment of our lives bombarded by advertising, where does a independent artist start? I have some ideas, but only time will tell which ones will be the most conducive to my plan for world domination. The second reason is that to sell product it has to be received in a positive light. Will the masses, however big, enjoy my music? Overall, I’d like to think yes. At least to people that enjoy listening to the same music that I enjoy listening to. Someone who listens strictly to JourBostonEr will probably not care for my music, and I’m fine with that, but if they enjoy the likes of Orbital, Banco de Gaia, or the Chemical Brothers, then they might just enjoy what I create. In my 15 years of retail and retail services, I’ve learned that you cannot be all things to all people.

Needless to say, apprehension or not, it’s all terribly exciting. To actually hold a CD in my hand that I made from start to finish that I can turn around and sell is going to be an amazing feeling. I can’t even imagine what it will feel like when the first complete stranger buys my music and enjoys it.

I’ll start to get answers to all these trifling questions in about two weeks when I get my CD’s back from duplication and I can send a few off to cdbaby.