Here you will find random pieces that I’ve decided to make available as free downloads.  Yes, I own the copyrights on these pieces unless otherwise notated, so if I find out that you are using any of these songs for your own good, I may be forced to hunt you down like the dirty dog you truly are.  If you merely decide to share these with friends because you think that they might just like them, well be my guest.  Anything here is DRM-free and should play on the mp3 player of your choice.

Christmas/Holiday tunes:

Ukranian Bell Song (darkness) – 1992

This was the second Christmas song that chose to do a version of, way back in the ancient time of the early 90’s.  Fall 1992 to be exact.  I was starting to experiment with ‘tracker’ software and thought it would be fun to do a dark, moody holiday piece.  The Ukranian Bell Song has always had a dark undertone to me so I though this would be the perfect piece to play with.  What you will find here is very raw sounding, but still rich in flavor.

Hark the Herald Robots Sing – 2007

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing has long been a favorite Christmas tune for me, especially since Mannheim Steamroller did their fantastic take on it over 20 years ago.  It is a very jubilant song that can make anyone feel more joyous while singing along to, or merely listening to.  When thinking about how to arrange the piece I had recently upgraded to Logic Studio 8, which includes a digital version of one of the most astoundingly impressive bits of electronic paraphernalia to ever be created.  Yes, a vocoder!  Well, if anyone can feel more joyous singing this song, and I have a vocoder, then it’s rather obvious that robots should be more than happy to sing this song.  I like robots.  You like robots.  Robots like to sing, though frequently just out of tune.