navin johnsonNavin R Johnson once opined, “I’m somebody now! Millions of people look at this book everyday! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity – your name in print – that makes people. I’m in print! Things are going to start happening to me now.” Yes, that’s how I felt today after I wandered into my local Barnes & Noble to see if the new issue of Future Music Magazine was in yet.  Future Music is a British publication that focuses on production techniques and technology  for those who play in the electronic music medium.  While I don’t buy it every month (6-9 times a year), I find it to be a highly valuable read and I learn something from every issue.  One neat monthly feature is the Demo section where they list their 10 favorite reader submitted demos along with a brief critique.  Every month I would see this section and think that I should submit something.  So back in July, after I finished the ‘Robot Junkyard – Deriviative‘ album, I finally decided to submit a track to be considered for their Reader Demos section.  It’s a pretty simple process.  You find the Soundcloud dropbox on their website, choose one of your original tracks, write a brief description with some minimal contact info, and hit submit. Cyclic Connection (Glytch-pop Mix)For my submission I chose ‘Cyclic Connection (Glytch-pop Mix)’.  That particular track may only be my 2nd or 3rd favorite on the album, but felt is was the song with the highest production quality.  With the quality contained in each months selections I didn’t know what to think of my chances to even be listed.  A few days later though I received an e-mail, from managing Editor Daniel Griffiths no less.  It opened with the following statement, “Really like your demo Cyclic Connection and would like to feature it in Future Music magazine and on our disc.”  I was stunned.  Not knowing what exactly that meant within a day or so I put together all of the info Daniel requested, answered a handful of interview type questions, and added a couple of pics, and sent it off.  The response was an auto-reply stating that Daniel was going to be out of the office for a couple of weeks, but that other content managers would handle things as necessary.  With that in mind, and knowing that here in the States we get new issues a couple of weeks after the newsstand date in England, I figured it would be a while before I knew anything definitive. Well, about three weeks ago I started getting unexpected traffic on my Soundcloud page, so I started to think that something was up.  I started watching the newsstands for new issues.  The August issue came and went with no Solarno sightings, so it was back to the waiting game.  Into B&N I went today not knowing if the September issue was in yet.  After digging past the much more popular guitar and drummer magazines I found the September issue of Future Music.  I nervously thumbed through the pages with tenuous anticipation to the back where the reader demos are featured. I finally reached the Reader Demo section to see on the first page a picture of my studio, with my name, and a small picture of my head listed as the Reader Demo of the Month.  I was blown away.  While I knew I was going to be in the magazine one of these months, I truly did not expect to be the Demo of the Month. Future Music 243 Reader Demo Do I expect to become famous from this.  No.  Do I expect to sell more records?  To be honest, no.  Did I gain experience in talking with a magazine editor?  Yup.  Did I get an independent critique/review that will help me become a better producer? Heck yes!  And that is probably the best part.  I now have unbiased magazine quotes in my publicity arsenal.  Now?  Back to the studio. Cheers!