Everyone likes choices on where to buy the products they desire.  I am no different, and I know that my fans are no different, that is why Solarno music can be found all over the place.

I’ll be up front in saying that my preference is a site called bandcamp.  At bandcamp all of my music is available for digital download in any format you like on a pay-what-you-want system.  That means if you feel one of my albums is worth $100 (or more) you can pay that much.  If you’re a starving student and feel that an album is worth $100 but you kinda need to eat for the next month then you can pay $1.  Heck, you can even download it for free if you really want to.  My main goal is that you enjoy my music.

Another advantage to bandcamp is that they take a much smaller percentage of the sale than pretty much any other site my music is on.  That means more of the money you choose to part with actually ends up in my pocket (let’s face it, I need to eat, pay rent, etc.).  And remember that 50% of the money that ends up in my pocket goes back out to the American Red Cross and the International Mountain Bicycling Association.

My  music is also available through most the mainstream digital sites.  iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Spotify, and Napster to name a few.

Here are the links, and thank you for taking in interest in music by Solarno!

Solarno on Bandcamp
Solarno on iTunes
Solarno on Amazon
Solarno on CDBaby

Unfortunately at this time I do not have direct links to my music on Spotify or Napster.  If you use either service please search for Solarno.