navin johnsonNavin R Johnson once opined, “I’m somebody now! Millions of people look at this book everyday! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity – your name in print – that makes people. I’m in print! Things are going to start happening to me now.” Yes, that’s how I felt today after I wandered into my local Barnes & Noble to see if the new issue of Future Music Magazine was in yet.  Future Music is a British publication that focuses on production techniques and technology  for those who play in the electronic music medium.  While I don’t buy it every month (6-9 times a year), I find it to be a highly valuable read and I learn something from every issue.  One neat monthly feature is the Demo section where they list their 10 favorite reader submitted demos along with a brief critique.  Every month I would see this section and think that I should submit something.  So back in July, after I finished the ‘Robot Junkyard – Deriviative‘ album, I finally decided to submit a track to be considered for their Reader Demos section.  It’s a pretty simple process.  You find the Soundcloud dropbox on their website, choose one of your original tracks, write a brief description with some minimal contact info, and hit submit.