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I Know All the Positions!

Wait, what? Is this actually a NSFW post? Hold on. Let me explain…

While the bulk of my day to day music life revolves around the bits and bytes of synthetic sound, my musical background is actually much more traditional. I began by singing (poorly) in school and church choirs as a young kid. I also have a number of relatives who play various instruments, ranging from the traditional like the guitar or clarinet, to the more obscure like the organ or the accordion. The relative with the most impact to my future musical endeavors was my cousin Jeff who is two years older than me. While I was in 2nd or 3rd grade I found out he started playing the saxophone. This was the very early 80’s and saxophones were really cool then, so of course I raised my hand as wanting to be a sax player too!

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Kraftwerk who?


Kraftwerk is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential electronic acts of all time.  In many ways they have managed to transcend the label of being electronic artists and are now considered icons of the music industry along with acts such at The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.  You don’t have to toss a rock very far to hit a current band or artists who will list Kraftwerk as an influence*.  So why did it take me nearly 20 years to discover them?

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Rauthaz EP release dates announced!

Rauthaz EPMy new EP is finished and delivered to the powers that handle distribution.  Now it’s just a short wait until you can download it.  Here are the release dates that I am aware of:

2/28/2012: Available worldwide through Bandcamp
3/6/2012: Available worldwide through iTunes and CDBaby

Sites such as Amazon, Napster, Deezer, and Spotify will follow later, but I do not have exact dates.  All songs will also be available for sync licensing via Rumblefish and Friendlymusic in the near future.

Of course, some of you may not be able to wait, so you can pre-listen to the entire EP via Soundcloud and Last.fm.

For some more of tease, here is the artwork created for the EP:

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Cover songs can be a tricky proposition

I recently made a list of songs that I plan on doing cover versions of.  It’s hard to determine what songs will be worthwhile to put one’s own personal take on.

  • The first criteria, and possibly the easiest to determine, is the obvious one, do I like the song.  Almost seems like a no brainer, but if it’s not one of my favorite songs why cover it.
  • The second criteria I looked at was does the song invoke an emotional response in me.  If I don’t have an emotional connection to a song, why would I attempt a cover of it.  The original artist created the song for a reason, the least I can do is have a reason with more substance to it than “it’s got a good beat and I can dance to it”.
  • Criteria three?  Will this song translate into my style of music?  That’s a tough one.  I’m pretty sure that the songs I’ve chosen so far will adapt to my brand of music, but really I won’t know until I start laying the tracks down.  To me, the best covers treat the original song with respect, but seamlessly infuse the covering musician’s style into the original intent.  The new artist makes it their own.  If I want to listen to someone do an exact copy of the original, I’ll listen to the original.
  • The fourth stop on the criteria train is popularity of the song.  Now I’m not saying one should cover only an artists most popular songs, actually in some cases quite the opposite.  I absolutely love Blue Monday by New Order, and it fits the first three criteria almost perfectly, but there have been so many covers done of it due to its popularity that I just don’t have an interest in doing my own version at this time.  On the other hand, another song I’ve chosen to try my hand at happens to be one of the most popular (and covered) songs by a particular band. I think this may be due to a particularly strong emotional bond I have with this song.  Like I said, this can be a tricky process.
  • A fifth criteria would be how will the fan base of the original song respond to the cover.  This is another tricky one.  In some cases the cover is so different that the original fan base may not even be a concern as I’m aimed in a totally different direction.  Sometimes the fan bases overlap, and again, I want to respectful towards the original, and it’s fans.  But, this is music afterall, and frankly you can’t please everyone with everything.  The fanbase I’m aimed at may think my cover sucks, but the fans of the original may think its a fantastically fresh take on their world.  Or just the opposite.  Or everyone hates it.  Or everyone loves it.  You just never know.
  • Finally, the sixth criteria, which dovetails into the fifth one to a certain extent, is how would the original artist respond to the cover.  As an artist myself, I feel that I should handle another artists work with the utmost respect.  It is their sweat and emotion that went into the original, and I am merely adding my own twist to it, but I know I would not like to hear one of my songs done in a blatantly grotesque manner, ill-fitting of the original intent of the song.

That’s pretty much it  I’ll keep you updated as to the progress of my covers.

Get Free Music!

I’ve added a new Downloads page, sound the trumpets!  This will be home to random pieces of music that I’ve written, some new, some old.  Unless notated, I own the copyright on anything found here, so no going and selling these as your own.  That wouldn’t be very nice, and you wouldn’t want to upset Mr. Bigglesworth, because we all know what happens when Mr. Bigglesworth gets angry.  Anything found here is also DRM-free, and so should play on the mp3/media player of your choice.