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A call to crunchy krautrock arms! Dementio13’s ‘Last Test’.

Modern Krautrock from Dementio13 Last TestThe first time I was introduced to Dementio13, the musical environs populated by the neurons inside of Paul Foster’s brain, was through his 2011 EP ‘Vulcan Foundry’.  I fell in love with that EP because of masterful manner in which he melded the future, past, and present.  The past two years have seen three significant releases  from Paul, each one evolving his overall sound.  Now in early 2013 he is unleashing his latest masterpiece, ‘Last Test’, which takes everything he’s learned over the past two years, throws it all into a blender, hits puree, and pours out a super smooth mixed beverage of sonic krautrock brilliance.

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2012: Chico Mann: I Feel It (Solarno Echoes of Mann Remix)

This is my submission for the Chico Mann “I Feel It” remix contest being hosted by Novation and Focusrite. I really have no idea if this remix is good enough to be considered for the final voting as these contests always draw amazing submissions, but I’m proud of this one. It’s not my usual remix style, but it flowed amazingly well from me as I put it together. I built the remix around the provided vocal hits and some of the guitar rhythms. I decided to something a little different than my recent work so I drifted into the world of Drum & Bass for this with a healthy dose of dubstep for the final quarter of the piece. At 160bpm it’s a bit slow for traditional DnB, but it still moves along with punchy energy.

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Rauthaz EP release dates announced!

Rauthaz EPMy new EP is finished and delivered to the powers that handle distribution.  Now it’s just a short wait until you can download it.  Here are the release dates that I am aware of:

2/28/2012: Available worldwide through Bandcamp
3/6/2012: Available worldwide through iTunes and CDBaby

Sites such as Amazon, Napster, Deezer, and Spotify will follow later, but I do not have exact dates.  All songs will also be available for sync licensing via Rumblefish and Friendlymusic in the near future.

Of course, some of you may not be able to wait, so you can pre-listen to the entire EP via Soundcloud and Last.fm.

For some more of tease, here is the artwork created for the EP:

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2011: Johan Ess: Occult Celebrity (Solarno’s Death Rattle Remix)

This track steps out of my normal world of writing or remixing. While I have dabbled in industrial in the past and Trent Reznor’s production style has had a significant influence on me at times, the original for this song veers strongly into the avant garde of the industrial scene, and definitely out of my usual sphere of influence. This made for an interesting and very fulfilling challenge as I had to work my usual style around sounds and structures that were basically foreign to me.

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2011: Moby: Go (Solarno’s Lounge Attack Remix)

2011 - Moby: Go (Solarno's Lounge Attack Remix)

This is a jazzy little remix I did back in 2007 of Moby’s seminal 1990 single Go. I recently decided to remaster it to bring it up to my current harmonic standards. The original master had a decidedly muted sound due to my not being overly familiar with multi band compressing or exciters at the time. In my mind the overall mix still has a few minor issues, but I did not want to go in and start making changes just for the sake of making changes as it still holds its own.

I really like the idea of the laid back jazz groove replacing what was considered a techno classic back in the day. I believe that Moby’s learning of classical music theory at a young age allowed him to create more complex music than many of his contemporaries in the late 80’s and early 90’s. This natural complexity and depth that he brings to even his early music like Go is a big reason why it so naturally slides into other genres of music.


If you like what you hear, you can download the MP3 by clicking the download button in the player.